Easter Holidays

I’ve given Mummy a nudge and told her to update my blog 😉

I’m really enjoying my holiday, the weather has been very sunny and I’ve played outside all day every day 🙂

I love being outside. I’ve been riding my bike and my scooter, I’ve been bouncing on the trampoline with my sister and I’ve ran my toy mower over the lawn to finish it off after Daddy used the real mower the other day.

My sister and I have helped Mummy do some weeding too.

Today we planted my sister’s tomato seeds. We also had drinks and cake at the supermarket cafe.

I like school holidays!


Horse riding update 3

Finally got Mummy to remember to update my blog!

She asked my teacher how I was getting on at horse riding – I love it! I can’t wait for Wednesdays to come round 😀

I tell my horse when to stop and to walk on. I have also been trotting 😀

My teacher says I’m brilliant at it 😀


I had the best Christmas I’ve ever had! Santa bought me all kinds of things 😀

My favourite presents are my kitchen, a Henry train for my train set and my camera! I’ve taken lots of photos of all sorts of things, the washing machine, the duvet covers, and light shades.

People might think that’s random but I say it’s artistic 😛

I love all the Christmas lights too. I put them all on as soon as I get downstairs and they stay on all day 😀

I was very excited when it snowed the other day!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas

The School Play

Every year my school does a Christmas play for all the parents, Grandparents and all sorts of other people to come an watch. All the children in our school are involved, we get to show off what we can do and surprise everyone!

This year it was called “A Magical Journey” – Mummy will write about it on her blog too.

I was a pirate! I had a beard and a scar and big eyebrows all put on with face paint! the other children in my class were pirates too.

We sang a song about being a pirate and pulled on a rope to weigh the anchor!

The audience gave us a big applause!

The Christmas Market

Last Wednesday our class went on a visit to the German Market in Birmingham. I walked round with my teacher.

I had to look for Santa and Christmas trees 😀

I also made my teacher spend her money on sweets hehehehe!

I nearly went on the carousel but changed my mind.

I had a wonderful time.


The train set

I didn’t know, but ages and ages ago Mummy and Daddy bought me a really big Thomas the Tank Engine train set.

Today they found it out and set it up in the living room – it’s HUGE!!!! my sister and I were so excited!!! it has bridges, tunnels, stations, docks, a level crossing, roadways – we love it!!!

It is almost as big as our living room 😀

We have had so much fun playing with it today and we haven’t argued…. well we have but only a little bit!

We helped Daddy to build it as only we can…

I’ve built a really long train with lots of trucks 😀

I was getting bored and playing up a little bit but now I’m happy 😀


Non Unifrom Day

I don’t understand Grown ups.

Everyday I tell my Mummy “No school uniform!” and everyday she tells me “Yes school uniform” and we argue about it for at least 10 minutes before I reluctantly let her help me get dressed. Sometimes I wait until Daddy tells me I have to get dressed…

So today I say to her “No school uniform!” and she says…. “Okay then” 😮

I thought she must have misheard me so I said it again. She said “Okay, you can where your get dressed clothes*”

*get dressed clothes are his everyday clothes

I couldn’t understand this, why wasn’t she arguing with me. She just got my clothes out of the drawer and said “come on then”

Then I saw my sister and she didn’t have her uniform on either!!! Mummy said we could wear our normal clothes to school because it was a special No Uniform Day.

Well in my book if it’s no uniform it’s no school!!!

Mummy started making my lunch and putting it in my lunch bag… I took it out. When she’d finished I didn’t want to put my lunch bag in my school bag. So Mummy did it.

I gave up after that. When the bus came I put my shoes and coat on like a good boy. Mummy said that she couldn’t believe I was arguing with her when I’d got what I’d wanted all week.

Can’t let Mummy have it all her own way though.. 😉

Guess what I did today….

This afternoon we went to the horse riding centre and for the first time ever I got on the horse! 😀

The teachers helped me to get on and sit up straight. Then the staff at the centre led me around on the horse. By the end of the session I was riding with just the staff leading the horse, my teacher walking alongside and me holding the reins!

Everyone was really pleased for me.

Mummy said she was very proud and gave me a big hug!


Swimming and Horse Riding

Wednesday’s are busy days for me at school. We go swimming in the morning and horse riding in the afternoon.

Last week I swam a length of the pool with just my armbands and today I swam up and down using a woggle and no armbands!

I still haven’t ridden a horse yet, but I am leading my horse in and out of obstacles on a course. I am very good at it. I think the horse is cute.

I love swimming and I quite like the horses. My teachers are very pleased with me.